Article: How to switch on your PC and PS4 with Logitech Harmony for the smart home dream

I wrote an article for my other site, PlayedThat, about doing a rather unique smart home setup using open source software (Home Assistant) to bridge Logitech Harmony with incompatible devices to make a more seamless and unique smart home.

I had to learn everything I taught in the guide myself and while it isn’t particularly technical (all the code necessary is adapted from what is available on the Home Assistant website), I feel like no one has written about this specific thing that I’ve done before in the way that I’ve done it. In that regard, I hope I’m adding value and helping people out.

I’ve never written tutorials or guides before, and it’s something I’m interested in doing going forward. If I feel I have something interesting teach other people, and there aren’t already any comprehensive tutorials out there covering it, I think I’m going to write about it.

You can read it here.

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